Yep…got cable again.  I’m so happy, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday enjoying the fruits of this new acquisition.  Happy happy am I.

I must say, I like “Nurse Jackie”.  I wasn’t sure if I would, but I did.  It was funny, sharp and kind of sweet at the end.  I saw the first episode of Season 3’s “Big Love” and it was also good.  I wonder how many days it would take to catch up on all of them before season 4 premieres.  I’ll die trying, but the thing is, there’s so much other good stuff on that I don’t want to miss, it’s sickening.

Finally got to see “Michael Clayton”, and George Clooney is so nice to look at…I was a happy puppy. 

So I guess being a new TV addict can be fun.


Blogger has me puzzled, so for the time being, Rancho Sudiegirl is calling this “home”.  Unfortunately, a lot of the good pictures/awards I gave out are on the old blog, so it’ll be like starting from scratch.

No major plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve, really…I didn’t sleep so hot last night so an early night may be in my future.  I get CABLE TV on Saturday, so that’s an exciting thing.  It’s been too long and I’m a-craving TV.  I know I can get one of those digital thingies that are way cheaper, but I’d rather have access to the fabulous cable channels I’ve been dreaming of.   Plus, the new season of “Big Love” starts soon and I don’t want to miss it…I’ve already missed all of season 3 and I’m sad about that.  Keepiug up through the website isn’t quite the same as seeing their bright shining faces on my TV.

Work has been quiet this week, mostly due to folks being out for the holiday.  The weather here is a slushy, yucky wintry mix that I hate with a passion.  I’d rather have no snow on the ground, thank you…I can handle the cold for the most part, but the goop on the ground — forget it.  At least this is a holiday weekend, so we can take it easy on the roads.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now…Rancho Sudiegirl is once again open for business and more snark will come your way soon!

Well, we’re going to give this space a try for a few days…Blogger is misbehaving and I’m feeling rather turncoatish at the moment. 

If you want to read old posts, go to  If you want something that ‘s new and funky fresh, hang here…something’s bound to happen. 

Have a happy new year, and hopefully I’ll be back.