OK, I know this isn’t really my concern, but I just have to know. 

The Duggar family…why do they have 19 kids?  I was discussing this with a friend of mine, and we just shook our heads at that one.

I’m not making light of their current situation with their prematurely born daughter, Josie, but why THAT many kids?  Don’t the older kids have resentment towards the younger ones?  How do the parents keep up with all the kids?  Do they even know the kids as well as a parent should?  With 19 kids, I really wonder.

Hell, the Duggar parents are even GRANDPARENTS at this point, with their first granddaughter being born in late 2009. 

Why, people?  Someone tell me WHY?  It’s not that I dislike kids (even though I don’t have any of my own, I still like kids), but I am just mystified at this woman and her desire to be the mother to the numerical equivalent of a fully-staffed pro-baseball team.

PS:  I also want to know how on earth Jay Leno could NOT be aware that his actions would have results as they did, and people would perceive him as a “bad guy”?  They did before, and probably will again, which isn’t a good thing for a person.